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Posture…. How important is it ?

How Important is Posture?

It is important to have good posture for a number of “healthy” reasons.   It means that the skeleton or bones and muscles are properly aligned.  It also means that the organs are in their correct positions and are capable of functioning at their optimum performance.  There are 11 major organ systems of the body (the skeleton and muscular system are just two).  Correct posture helps aid all 11 systems in operation with less stress and strain.  Posture is something that we believe, here at Rogue Valley Fitness Center should be woven into our goal set when assembling a workout.

Let us take a look at the definition; posture, the position in which one holds their body when standing or sitting, or exercising for that matter.  In our youth, posture is something that most of us take for granted.   We do not give it a second thought, as we age if we are not so busy with life that we give consideration to it, our posture seems to be something that begins to “break down.” In this article we will take a closer look at some of the possible causes of bad posture.

Repetitive motion is noted to be one of the leading causes of bad posture.  For example, if your occupation requires you to sit in front of a computer for long periods of time, or if you are required to bend over frequently throughout the day.  These types of movements,  if done over and over without breaks, have a high probability of causing bad posture. The spine begins to become “familiar” with the incorrect alignment or position, and this can become the norm.   Once our posture becomes compromised, a wide range of additional problems begin.

A few of the additional problems that occur can be, connective tissue and muscular stresses and strains.  Some muscles may become tight or shortened and others may become lengthened and weak.  This can lead to chronic pain & other long term problems

We have also observed that our exercise programs, if not done with a consciousness of good body mechanics may exacerbate bad posture.  For instance, if we do our standing barbell curl for biceps with our shoulders rolled forward,  this will increase the potential of the thoracic, or middle of the spine to be stressed.  Repeating this movement, with the incorrect biomechanics, over a prolonged period of time can cause the shoulders to become rolled forward. These slight deviations in correct posture or movement, when under a weight load can drastically increase or speed up the possibility of developing bad posture.

Excessive abdominal weight is another all too familiar stress that our bodies incur with life.  This is a sure fire way to develop bad posture.  The additional weight in the belly that comes on slowly will surely affect the spine over time and create bad posture.

One thing is for sure the longer we move down life’s road with bad posture, the harder it is to correct it.  But, it is never too late !  That is why we want you to know we are here at Rogue Valley Fitness Center, to assist YOU with your posture as well as a wide range of other goal oriented reasons.  Stop by and see us or call.

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