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The Basics of Sound Nutrition

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We here at Rogue Valley Fitness Center believe that nutrition is the cornerstone to whatever your health interests are;  whether your interest is in putting on muscle or one of the more common goals,  losing fat.  I emphasize fat for a reason.  In the nearly three decades of involvement with helping people move closer to their fitness goals one of the most common mistakes I hear people unknowingly make is thinking that “all weight loss is good”.  The fact of the matter is, that when we lose weight, and that weight is lean body mass or muscle, we are making a huge mistake.

Taking a further look into lean mass and fat mass, if our fat mass is out of range or too high,  we would want to decrease this by implementing or increasing your aerobic activity as well as considering the amount of dietary fat and/or starch carbohydrates we are eating.  Conversely,  if our lean mass is too low or we would like to increase it we would evaluate our strength training, i.e. weight lifting program and our protein/carb ratios.

In order to realize or obtain optimal health, one must first have a starting point or baseline. The scale does not provide us with a quantifiable means of measurement. We suggest determining this baseline through a body composition test. A body composition test can be done a variety of ways. Examples would be, water buoyancy (hydrostatic), blood testing, electrical impedance, or possibly one of the more common ways, caliper or skin fold testing.

Woman with measure tapes pinches in the fat at the waist,

Whatever method you choose, we suggest that you revisit that same test for your follow up or comparison tests. This test in comparison to the first or previous test will give you a clear indication of progress.

Once we have established one’s body composition,  or the “compartmentalization” of fat mass and lean body mass,  we will be able to accurately formulate the need for calories based on our subjects specific goals as mentioned above.

Diet concept. Big red dice with fat, carbs and proteinCalories are primarily comprised of what we will be referring to as macronutrients. These macronutrients are made up of protein, carbohydrates, and fat.

These macronutrients are best consumed multiple times per day.  We advise breaking up the total amount of foods or macronutrients into 5 or 6 meals.  This fuels and feeds the body more evenly than the method of 3 meals per day as many have been accustomed to doing.

At Rogue Valley Fitness Center, we suggest our clients obtaining their protein from lean sources of meat.  Examples of these would be lean cuts of beef, chicken, fish, and egg whites.  Our suggestion for quality sources of starch carbohydrates would be potatoes, legumes, as well as winter squashes, oatmeal, peas, etc.  We are also big advocates for lots of vegetables.  When consuming these 3 macronutrients, we strongly suggest you consume them together.  This method “optimizes” the way these foods are processed in the body.

When choosing the foods above and implementing a “sensible” workout plan, this will allow the proper “fuel” for the body that is necessary to propel you through a day of activity whether or not you have chosen to get into an exercise routine or not.

Remember, here at Rogue Valley Fitness Center we are here to help with whatever your health needs may be. You can reach us via phone at 541 474 9689 or you can email us by filling out our contact form here.


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