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Avoiding Workout “Burnout”

Exhausted Man on Work Bench

If you have been exercising for more than 3 or 4 months straight you will, more likely than not, experience burnout or boredom. There are a number of ways that you can fight off “stagnation”. First of all, we strongly suggest that you ask yourself, “what is the purpose for me working out”, or “what would I like to see happen with the exercise or routine choices I am using”? By asking yourself these questions you will be able to more accurately assemble the specific muscle groups as well as determine the repetition range and rest time between sets. For instance, if my main focus for this period of workout is to shed some unwanted fat, I would use a slightly higher repetition range as well as shorten up the rest time between sets. We will talk more about weight/fat loss specifics in articles to come. Conversely, if the focus was to put on some muscle, the repetition range would decrease and the rest time would increase.

Below you will find three of the many ways to mix things up and stay fresh in your mind and body. The few changes listed below should be considerations regardless of your specific goals as it is important to change things up on an intermittent basis.

  1. Change your exercises or the way you are grouping them. Example, if you start your chest workout with a long bar, consider replacing that movement with dumbbells. Or, if you begin your legs with squats, maybe think about “pre-exhausting” this large group with leg extensions supersetted with leg curls, then move into your squats. A superset in most notably done by implementing two exercises done completely one immediately following the other. More specifically, opposing muscle groups for example, leg extensions for quadriceps and leg curls for hamstrings. We will dig deeper into the topics of pre-exhaustion, supersetting, compound setting etc in later articles…. Stay tuned!
  2. Consider beginning your week of training with legs rather than chest
  3. Or maybe it’s time to implement additional aerobics. Start your training session out with 20-25 minutes of some form of aerobic activity.

Whatever the choice of change you have in mind, stick with it for a few weeks to a month at least to allow your body to “adjust” to the changes. We here at Rogue Valley Fitness Center are here to help with all of your fitness questions. feel free to ask one of our trained staff for help in implementing one of the above mentioned methods.  You can reach us via phone at 541 474 9689 or you can email us by filling out our contact form here.

At Rogue Valley Fitness Center we believe that strength training (weightlifting) is paramount for optimal health. We are happy to assist you in assembling a strength training plan tailored to your specific needs and abilities.

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